About US

Fortem's InfoTech Academy (FITA) is a non-profit online interactive information, communication and technology literacy platform. It's founder Dr. Mbah J. Fortem, is an author with an internationally accredited Doctorate degree in Information Technology (Doctoral theses on Big Data), two masters degree, one in Telecommunications and another in Information Technology and a BSc in computer science not without mentioning multiple industry related certifications in various IT domains.

Dr. Mbah J. Fortem has worked with multiple technology companies including but not limited to RedHat, Microsoft and Google, just to name a few. Coming from a not very fortunate and disfavored community, Dr. Fortem has always been enthusiastic about personal and professional development through formal and informal education. He observed as a student and in the early days of his career as an IT engineer, the lack of these opportunities within his community.

Dr. Fortem through his online platform aims to provide customized and suitable Information and Technology training and coaching lessons primarily for people in Southern Cameroons, as well as for the under-favored in Africa and across the globe. Academy attendees will gain computer literacy and other vital skills in other areas of information technology and computer science. Core skills will include coding, computer networking, security, DevOps, and Data Science.